Saturday, 19 June 2010

Overcast Problems

Female Green Woodpecker - from the archives
(c) 2010 Tony Robinson

[Above pics (under the Woodpecker) are: Cinnabar Moth, micro moth (Nemphora degereela), Bittersweet & Celery-Leaved Buttercup]
Yesterday's visit was to the same location as Wednesday, but what a difference the overcast weather made. On Wednesday morning there was a lot of birdsong and plenty of butterflies, but yesterday the birdsong was much reduced and not a single butterfly species was seen all day. It is on days like this when my job becomes a lot more difficult, as I have to try & make the day interesting with hardly a bird to look at, with no butterflies or dragonflies and the only mammals being Rabbits! Instead, we concentrated on the location which was new to everyone there, and at least the show of flora looked incredibly impressive. There were also a few moths to relieve the monotony, the best example being a Cinnabar, which posed long enough for even the slowest to get a decent view. Luckily, there were plenty of botanical speciemens to examine, from absolute carpets of Birdsfoot Trefoil, to a few Common Spotted & Southern Marsh Orchids, to even some wild Lupins. The best bird seen all day was a single female Green Woodpecker spotted by Mike, which allowed the whole group to approach quite close as she remained clampted to her post. Eventually, she flew off, but allowed everyone to keep up with her prolonged flight, until even her yellow rump was revealed. The afternoon session had to make do with a family of Mistle Thrushes and some over-excited Bullfinches. We will be visiting this beautiful location again, but I'm hoping the sun will be shining next time!

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