Tuesday, 8 June 2010

2 Swallows Don't Make a Summer Either!

Swallows in Congress - looking up to her partner!
Sand Martins
Roe Deer [Buck]
Roe Deer [Buck]
Common Whitethroat - all over the place!
I thought there might have been some grounded migrants after all the rain on Sunday night/Monday morning, but there wasn't! had a nice close encounter with a buck Roe Deer who didn't appear to be able to make me out in the gloom, and then had a charming time with a pair of Swallows. There were dozens of male Whitethroats holding territory, so should be a bumper year for them, if all this constant rain eventually stops!


Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

Nice Swallow pictures Michael, hope the weather improves soon!

Michael Flowers said...

Cheers, Mike.
They were incredibly close - just wish everything came as near as that! Like your Black-tailed Skimmer pics too!

Flowers said...

Fantastic pictures! The Roe deer ones are so hard to get, Well done!