Saturday, 5 June 2010

Holiday Snaps

I've just returned from spending a few days in Worcestershire. There wasn't a great deal of time for wildlife watching, but I did manage to go to the Knapp & Pappermill Reserve with Barbara & Lionel. There weren't a lot of birds around as it was just after heavy rain, but I heard the Kingfisher, and Lionel & I saw a Treecreeper. There were a family of young Grey Wagtails on the stream, and hundreds of Mayflies, and a few Beautiful Demoiselles, and a few strange Crickets.
The following day I went to Upton Warren with Jannine & Peter. Cetti's Warblers showed very well, a flying Bittern was mobbed by a Common Tern, and there were plenty of Herons (adult & juveniles), and 3 Little Gulls. The Bittern was unseasonable at the site, being normally seen only during the winter, and the Little Gulls had been there for over a week, again this was unusual.
When I returned I discovered that a Swallow had taken up residence under the shed where I keep my car, and it soon decided to leave a mess all over the windscreen. These are our 1st Swallows in about 23 years, so they are welcome, despite their mess. I now make sure I cover over the front section of the car.

Pics are: Beautiful Demoiselles (2), Mayfly, Cetti's Warbler (3), Bullfinch [female], Heron (3), Bittern (3), Common Tern, Little Gulls [& Oystercatchers], Cardinal Beetle, Drinker [moth caterpillar], Cricket, Common Spotted Orchid, Dryad's Saddle [just emerging], Gooseberries, Swallow [female].

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