Monday, 21 June 2010


All images (c) 2010 Tony Robinson

under the 4 Bee-eater pics is a Black-Winged Stilt, followed by 2 of a Squacco Heron.
Booted Eagle
Egyptian Vulture

The final 5 pics are: a Thekla Lark, Tawny Pipit, Audoin's Gull, Swallowtail Butterfly & a wild Tortoise!
We've gone a little further afield than normal for this blogpost! Wednesday morning stalwart, Tony Robinson, missed 3 classes whilst he went on a non-wildlife holiday to Menorca! However, while he was there he couldn't help falling over some of the abundant species on display. the best of which are featured above. It's feeling almost summery in the UK today, so I hope this post adds to the feeling that summer may be here at last!

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