Tuesday, 15 June 2010

"Closest We've Been to a Shag!"

Shag - this one at Farnes Islands last week
(c) 2010 Phil Hargreaves
Skylark - note white edge to wing
Small Copper
Meadow Pipit
Razorbill - overheating
Herring Gull
Egg - to be checked

It was also the closest we'd been to a Skylark, a Meadow Pipit, a Puffin and a Razorbill, but when I made the Freudian slip of saying we were the closest we'd been to a Shag in 7 years, it had the morning group rolling in the aisles! The Skylark & Meadow Pipit flew very close to the group, who stood by open mouthed in admiration. Everything was on the supermarket shelf with good views of all the standard birds of rocky cliffs, but the passerines and a couple of raptors managed to steal the show. Of course, the Puffins, Razorbills, Guillemots, Fulmars and the Gannets sailing past the cliffs were as poular as ever, and it was great to enjoy the birds in comfort with plenty of time to view the birds and without a massive crowd pushing and shoving people out of the way.

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