Wednesday, 7 October 2009

A Fallow Period

Fallow Stag
Fallow Hinds
Jay with Acorn
Long-tailed Tit
Record shot of Kestrel
Sweet Chestnuts
Honey Fungus aka....
...Bootlace Fungus
Unidentified Caterpillar
Our second trip to this location resulted in better views of the Fallow Deer, if not quite as good views of the Red Deer. The mammal tally was completed by Rabbits and a Hare. There were plenty of Jays flying backwards and forwards with their bills crammed with acorns. 2 different Green Woodpeckers were sighted during the afternoon, plus an elusive Goldcrest and 2 obliging Treecreepers. A Great Spotted Woodpecker also put in appearance in the afternoon. 28 species were sighted in the morning with at least 3 extra species in the afternoon - as Brian said numbers were down on previous weeks, but what we did see were good quality birds!

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