Friday, 2 October 2009

Ding-Ding - Round One

Mute Swan Pitched Battle
Another Stage
Yet Another
Not Quite Swan Lake!
Taking a Peck
Going For It
The Beast with 3 Backs
Battle Almost Over
Stonechat (c) 2009 David Ware
Stonechats (c) 2009 David Ware
Hobby - late highlight of the morning
Barnacle Goose
Pink-Footed Geese
Pied Wagtail
One tends to imagine all sorts of goodies at Spurn at this time of year, but when the wind's from the west you shouldn't expect too much. Despite the disappointing birds on display, I was assured by this morning's crew they were impressed with the confiding Stonechats, the good view of a Whimbrel (a lifer for a couple there) & the dashing Hobby (another lifer) just before the class finished. The afternoon was dominated by the swan fight - for those worried about the outcome, the loser managed to slink away from the arena, but we didn't see it take off. A Water Rail was heard both morning and afternoon, but we couldn't catch a glimpse of it. 4 Snow Buntings were seen during the lunch hour, but remained hidden from the pm session. Finally, the 2 Pink-Footed Geese and the Barnacle Goose were a nice surprise in the triangle area in the afternoon.


Aileen said...

Wow, that swan fight looked amazing. What were they fighting over? A woman?

Michael Flowers said...

If you mean a pen, yes, I'm afraid so!