Thursday, 15 October 2009

In the Gloaming

Fallow Stag (c) 2009 Jackie Dawson
Red Hind (c) 2009 Jackie Dawson
Red Stag
Red Hind - with Protruding Teeth?
Red Deer Hinds
Record shot of Jays taking Sweet Chestnuts!
Honey Fungus (c) 2009 Jackie Dawson
The weather wasn't brilliant - it was overcast all day with some heavy misty drizzle at times, especially in the morning. The large mammals weren't too different from previous visits, but the Red Deer Hinds seemed to fragment after the morning class. Previously, the alpha male Spartacus* had control of all the females, but in the afternoon through the mist it looked as though up to 3 males had control of some hinds - although the majority of hinds certainly seemed to be under the control of one stag. A female Stonechat in the morning was out-of-the ordinary, as was the calling Willow Tit in the afternoon. The Jays seemed to be everywhere again, but this time there were also plenty of Redwings, Song Thrushes & Blackbirds. There didn't appear to be any Fieldfare. 2 Green Woodpeckers put in a starring appearance in the morning.
*Actually, all stags really answer to that name! - just taking the rise out of Autumnwatch, where everything has to be given an anthropomorphic name!

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