Thursday, 29 October 2009

Splash of Colour

Even a King has to Poop!
Great Black-backed Gulls
Orange-Peel Fungus
Common Toad
Went to a reserve to which I'll be taking the classes in the next few weeks. The Kingfisher was very obliging, but didn't stay long, and of course Ben didn't want to wait for it to come back. Are all ten-year-old this patient? There were many more sorts of fungi than a few weeks ago, and the Parasols in the car park should look excellent in a few days time. The Orange-Peel Fungs probably won't survive, as it is growing on the path to one of the most popular hides at the moment! The Common Toad was crossing the main road to the reserve, and should survive this time, as I picked it up & moved it to the side of the road it was heading for. As I was leaving there were plenty of Great Black-Backed Gulls, some Red-legged Partridges, a pair of Yellowhammers and a Buzzard.

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