Tuesday, 15 September 2009

A Premature Taste of Winter

Snow Bunting ditto
Yellow Wagtail
Record pic of Whitethroat
Small Tortoiseshell
Record pic of Common Scoter flock
It seems terribly early for a Snow Bunting, but there is one at Canal Scrape at Spurn at the moment. However, it's not the earliest - that record goes to one which arrived at Spurn on 4th of September one year. There was a very strong northerly wind at Spurn, so many departing summer migrants were hunkered down, but early on there was a Pied Flycatcher, Redstart and Wheatear at the point. Meanwhile Gannets struggling against the wind were heading up the Humber instead of up the North Sea coast; whilst a flock of Common Scoter were leaving the river & heading over the sea instead. A Great Shearwater was called early on (c8.30) from the Seawatching Hide. At lunch time a Red-Breasted Flycatcher was reported from the Crown & Anchor car park. I was there within 5 minutes but there was no sign. The almost dozen Yellow Wagtails at Sammy's Point almost getting trampled by the horses were a hghlight as were the 2 Redstarts on the concrete blocks at the same location. The Yellow Browed Warbler turned up after I left. I needed to get back for a nap after the trauma of last night's talk!

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