Monday, 7 September 2009

Across the Bridge

Lesser Whitethroat - doing its best Waxwing impression!
Lesser Whitethroat - normal view
Reed Warbler
Silver-Y Moth (c) 2009 Ben Coneyworth [Age 10]
Large White on Teasel (c) 2009 Ben Coneyworth [age 10]
Common Darter (c) 2009 Ben Coneyworth [age 10]
Speckled Wood (c) 2009 Ben Coneyworth [age 10]
Drake Shoveler in eclipse (c) 2009 Ben Coneyworth [age 10]
Mute Swan (c) 2009 Ben Coneyworth [age 10]
Popped over the Humber Bridge to mark the final day before Ben returns to school. The first stop was Far Ings where we had excellent views of Reed Warbler and Lesser Whitethroat, but the highlight were the pair of Kingfishers which flew in front of the hotel hide at least 10 times. Unfortunately, they were too swift for any pics to be taken. They settled further along the bank well out of sight of our vantage point. Ben wanted to play with the cameras in the Waters' Edge visitor centre, but they were out of action. The Lincolnshire yellowbellies must be workaholics, as all the visitor attractions were closed: the Elsham Hall Butterfly Garden wasn't accessible & Thornton Abbey was padlocked. The day started well, but dribbled away into locked doors & disappointment.


East Yorkshire Wildlife said...

Wow cracking lesser whitethroat shots Michael.

Michael Flowers said...

Thanks, I got lucky!