Thursday, 17 September 2009

Not so Typical Late Summer Migrant

Juvenile Woodchat Shrike
All record shots

Same as above, but with less jiggery pokery!

Even more of a record shot in flight
To mark the occasion of John's 30-something birthday we went to Spurn again - my 3rd consecutive visit this week! It was pretty standard fare at first with a sprinkling of Whinchats, Redstarts, Wheatears & 2 Stonechats. A Tree Pipit flew over a couple of times, seemingly disorientated by the sight of the yawning Humber estuary. We looked for the Red-Backed Shrike at the point without success, but heard there was another one at Sammy's Point & we thought that might be more showy. The bushes were scoured but only revealed the same as earlier with added Willow Warblers, and Whitethroats. The chap who had spotted the Red-Backed Shrike earlier returned & pointed it out again, on a bush west of the car park. It soon became clear it was paler than a normal Red-Backed Shrike - Isabelline, Masked and Brown Shrike were ruled out, so it was confirmed as a Woodchat - The pale rump & the chestnut colouring at the nape were clinchers for ID, but I'm sure there were some more. An excellent bird, but not as stunning as the female I saw as it was released after being ringed at Spurn on 26th May 2005. Definitely, the bird of the day, and the bird of the week - as that it's for Spurn for me for this week!

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