Sunday, 20 September 2009

Last Chance to Book

All pics for this post (c) 2009 Maurice Gordon

These Kingfisher pictures illustrate the sorts of views you may be privileged to witness during the duration of my birdwatching sessions. Maurice Gordon probably wouldn't have been inspired to take the above Kingfisher pictures a few days ago if he hadn't joined my birdwatching classes 5 years ago. As he admitted "As a professional wedding photographer, I had never really considered becoming involved with wildlife photography, as the stumbling block had always been tracking down the birds and mammals and being in the right place at the right time. Thanks to the birdwatching course, I have had the opportunity to photograph many species with some of my photographs even having been published in the Yorkshire Post, as well as featuring in the annual wildlife calendar produced by Michael. For those who combine an interest in both photography and wildlife the birdwatching walks will reveal many exciting locations to visit, as well as providing the vital information about what you can expect to see and where you can expect to see it at different times of the year. Highly recommended!”
The course suits a range of abilities, as the comments of Dr Bruce Woodcock illustrate: "as a relative newcomer to birding, I’ve found the courses incredibly informative: they have woken me up to a much keener awareness of looking and listening, and how to pay attention to the immediate environment. Invaluable.”
The sessions are also found stimulating by those who already have a good foundation of knowledge, as the remarks of Les Fisher show: "I did have some experience in birdwatching before I joined, so I was a little apprehensive as to whether the course would be of benefit to me. However, two years later, thanks to Michael's expertise and recognition skills, I am still learning: new venues, new sounds, new species. The sessions have everything for anyone with an interest in birds."
The Autumn classes resume this week, so if you wish to book a place there are still a few spaces available. There is one place free on Tues am, another one on Thurs am, and one each on Fri am & Fri pm, however all the other sessions are full.

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