Sunday, 26 April 2009

Sunk Island

Record shot of Barn Owl
Yellow Wagtail
Record shot of Yellowhammer
Record shot of Swallow
Bringing back Memories of a better day...
On Friday the Cuckoo was in the same bush on 3 separate occasions, and as it was in the same bush for at least 3 weeks last year, I thought I'd creep up on it with th sun behind me - of course it wasn't there! However, at 11am in bright sunshine a male Barn Owl was sitting on the Sunk Island sign. Needless to say, I overshot & by the time I'd turned round it was up in the air. On the way back home a few Yellow Wagtails were back in the area, but as there were no roadside puddles these were all fairly distant views. Looks as though Spurn has hotted up, so may venture there tomorrow before I sort out my mobile phone.

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