Wednesday, 8 April 2009

A Coiled Spring

A Cowardly Grass Snake - hence the coils. I know it looks like the inner tube of a bike, but it is a Grass Snake!
Wood Anenome - sign of Spring
Ravenous Long-tailed Tits
Great Spotted Woodpecker
Gadwall - been wanting to get the maroon feathers on the drake for some time
Little Grebes
Zooming in!
Causing a Stir
Toad attempting to swim
Showing the Way!
A Sop to Someone on Friday Afternoons!

I went out sticking up posters at the usual places this morning as there are still a few gaps for next term, especially on Tuesday pm, Wednesday pm & both sessions on Thursday. Popped in to Tophill Low before heading back home. It was great to hear my first Willow Warbler of the year, but the prevailing mood was that Spring hasn't quite sprung yet. There were a few signs such as the mass of Anenomes at Burton Bushes, and the basking Grass Snake (which slipped away 4 times), but the cold 50 mph winds were an indication that winter wasn't quite over! I was given some great info about the Tophill Grass Snakes, so I hope to be able to get some better images soon! It's almost impossible to believe but Richard Hampshire's much better pic of a Grass Snake on the Hull Valley Sightings page for April was taken with his mobile phone!!!


Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

Nice shots of the Gadwells marroon feathers Michael.
We like to see the Grass Snakes at Top Hill, I hope for decent shots one day!

Michael Flowers said...

Thanks Mike. The warden thinks early sunny mornings are best for Grass Snakes - hopefully, you'll be able to get one of its head - unlike me!