Monday, 13 April 2009

Experimenting with Processing

Before - Kingfisher - a familiar image?
After - brightened - but colour overdone?
Before - Yellow Wagtail - one of my favourite birds
After - brighter, and sharper, but not perfect yet!
Before - Redstart - another favourite species
After - brighter, but sharpened too much?
Before - Redstart again - a bird which never bores me
After - seems more successful
Before - Little Ringed Plover
Before - Juvenile Cuckoo - too dark?
After - brighter, and better?
Before - Swallow - way too dark
After - Swallow - can see the gleam in the eye now, but lightened too much?
Before - Cormorant - classic pose
After - doesn't seem so different, unless you left click
Before - Barn Owl
After - definitely too much light here
Before - Another Owl species - just outside our back door
After - definitely easier to make out plumage detail
Before - Long-eared Owl in the gloom
After - Can't work miracles, but at least can see the eyes now!
I've had a bit of free time today, so I've gone back to the originals of some of my favourite images I've taken over the last year. Previously, I've used the software that came with the camera, and the results didn't seem too bad to me, but several people have asked if I do any processing at all! I've had a go practising with a package new to me, and the results, as you can see above, can be quite dramatic. I don't think I've mastered this process yet, but hopefully with a bit more practice the quality of the images on this blog (taken by me) will begin to look a little more professional! Any comments or tips much appreciated!

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