Monday, 14 April 2008

Tophill Reprise

Red-legged Partridge
Kingfisher (male)
Willow Warbler

Pheasant Stand-off
Pheasant (hen) Common Crane (c) 2008 Jackie Dawson
Common Crane (c) 2008 Jackie Dawson

Now I'm free on Mondays, I returned to Tophill to see if I could get any better images of the plethora of summer visitors, which were there on Thursday. Unfortunately, it clouded over quite soon, so I was battling with poor light. There was a pair of Red-legged Partridges near the visitor centre at 8.10, but they were shy & soon disappeared. The pair of Kingfishers were again on South Lagoon, but did not seem as active as on Thursday. There were 2 male Willow Warblers singing outside South Lagoon Main hide, and presumably a female which they chased from time to time. There was also a Blackcap here, and a Treecreeper. There was another Blackcap on South Marsh West, and at least 3 Willow Warblers singing in South Scrub. A Yellow Wagtail (my first of the year) flew south over Watton Borrow Pits. 2 Little Ringed Plovers were in display flight higher than tree level above the gravelled area south of the Visitor Centre. Also included above are Jackie Dawson's 2 images of the cranes which flew over us on Thursday morning. Apparently, no one else saw them!

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