Friday, 18 April 2008

Friday Spring 1 - Skipwith Common

Record only pics of Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

Chiffchaff - dark legs
Willow Warbler - flesh-coloured legs
Horsehoof fungus
Record only pic of Sparrowhawk
Hairy caterpillar
A 35-year-old bogey bird was broken today! Chris on Thurs am & Ken on Thurs pm currently have a Bittern as their bogey-bird. That is a species they have gone to see, or tried to see several times without any luck. I've been looking for today's bird for considerably longer. I even heard it & commented on the strange sound of a Nuthatch-like bird. I was then distracted by something, but all credit to Jim. He patiently tracked down the bird very close to the path & said something like "it is a Woodpecker, but with bars rather than spots!" See the 3 shots above at the top of this day's post. Apparently, I got rather over-excited at this point. This really made the day special, and after yesterday's Garganey & last week's cranes the omens are wonderful for this term. Total species today: 37.

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