Monday, 7 April 2008

Final Monday Session

Rear view - note ruddy tail feathers

Tufted Duck
Teal in hail shower
The final Monday session provided amazingly close views of a Snipe. We were able to watch it for at least 15 minutes during a hail shower. Another highlight was a flying Great-Crested Grebe, which flew in a circle 3 times across the main lake. This was a first for the group, and the best flying example of this species I've seen, but the camera refused to focus in time - I should have tried to catch it manually. We also saw a pair of Kingfishers chasing each other across the main lake, and a Willow Tit along the hedgerow near the hide opposite the hotel. The final Monday session may not have ended with a bang (Saturday's Night Heron was nowhere to be seen), but we did hear several booms. The Bittern gave the clearest notes I've heard so far this Spring. We were told that 5 had been seen last week, including a stand-off between 2 males!

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