Saturday, 28 June 2014

Yellowhammer's Golden Halo

Yesterday we visited the Wolds again.  Previous visits this year can be viewed here and here
This time on a very dull day the Redstarts were much harder to locate, but both groups did eventually see the male Redstart.  It was quite a long wait for the afternoon group, but they were rewarded with a more prolonged showing.  Neither group managed to see the Spotted Flycatchers.  In the morning some strange Sedge Warbler like notes were traced back to a Garden Warbler feeding its chicks.  The morning group when passing through the hamlet saw a young Great Spotted Woodpecker near a Woodpigeon, when they turned round one of its siblings was on a garden feeder with an immature Robin close by.   The Yorkshire Broomrape had nearly finished its flowering and had turned brown.  It was so overcast in the nature reserve, we could only find one Marbled White, but no other butterflies.  In the afternoon a fluttering Wood Tiger disappeared in the grass, and when it was relocated it was conjoined with another.  One of the most pictorial highlights was a Yellowhammer perched on a rock, which seemed to be surrounded by matching yellow Hawkbits.  

Yellowhammer with halo
 Male Redstart
 Garden Warbler
 Pied Wagtail
 Immature Great Spotter Woodpecker
 Another immature Great Spotted Woodpecker
 Immature robin with GSW in the background
Wood Tiger Moths copulating
 Bee Orchids
 Clustered Bellflower
 Thistle Broomrape 27/6/2014
 Thistle Broomrape - 19/6/2014
 Mirid Bug (Grypocoris stysi) [Thanks to Barry Warrington]
 Marbled White
 Yellow Halo Again

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