Saturday, 7 June 2014

(A Different) Ken's Bugs

On Friday as the weather was gorgeous we went to a hidden location in the wilds of Holderness.  We didn't really get close enough to photograph any birds, but there were some nice insects on show including our first ever Mother Shipton moth, this year's first Large Skipper, and Small Heath, plus Red Admirals and plenty of caterpillars in cocoons.  In the afternoon Ken discovered some unusual dark red bugs, which seemed brighter red on their underside.  Barry Warrington has kindly identified them as Spiked Shieldbugs (Picromerus bidens).  They are carnivorous, being especially fond of sawfly larvae, and they are unusual in that they reach adulthood rather late in the year.
Mother Shipton
 Speckled Wood
 Not Even a Record Shot of a Yellow Wagtail
 Ken's Bugs

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