Friday, 13 June 2014

Newsflash - a Pleasant Day on the Coast!

On Thursday we had our first visit of the year to Kilnsea.  The morning group were amazed at the confiding nature of a Linnet, which looked as though it had been playing in a paint pot.  There were plenty of butterflies along Beacon Lane, and a couple of dragonflies.  There seemed to be plenty of Little Terns.  Later, we learned that they were agitated because a sitting bird had been taken that morning by a Sparrowhawk.  One even attacked an Oystercatcher which wandered too close to the nest.
Male Linnet
Male Linnet
Male Linnet
Linnet - the rear View
Small Tortoiseshell
Sedge Warbler
Record Flight Shot of Sedge Warbler
Ringed Plover
Meadow Pipit (c) 2014 Patrick Ferguson
 Reed Bunting (c) 2014 Patrick Ferguson
Oystercatcher (c) 2014 Patrick Ferguson
Oystercatcher (c) 2014 Patrick Ferguson
Grey Plovers & Knot (c) 2014 Patrick Ferguson
Little Tern (c) 2014 Patrick Ferguson

Little Tern
Oystercatcher Strays Too Close
Sand fly
Black-tailed Skimmer
The Swallows at Canal Scrape were at confiding as ever.  The chicks had hatched with the male bringing in food.  The female must have selected him before he lost one of his tail streamers.
Male Swallow - Tail Streamer missing
Bar-tailed Godwits & Avocets
Large Skipper
Common Blue
Oak Eggar Caterpillar (thanks to Barry Warrington)
Reed Bunting
Record Shot of Guillemot
Red Admiral
Wall Brown
Mute Swan
Jeremy from afternoon group who set off for Holland!

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