Friday, 27 June 2014

Special Offer - S.O.G.O.F

Yesterday the supermarket shelves were groaning under the weight of all the young birds now added to the shelves.  We were watching one Puffin when Carol spotted an unexpected youngster waddling from the back of the crevice until it came to rest behind its parent.  Ken ensured that everyone was able to enjoy this spectacle through his scope.  So, we saw one Puffin and saw another free!

The rest of the visit was similar to last week's visit, so see those pictures Here 

Differences this time include a hunting Barn Owl catching a vole & hauling it what appeared to be over a mile to its nest; plus a sunbathing Peregrine, and over-hot Shags and Herring Gulls.  A Puffin carrying Sand-eels to its burrow was also something you don't see on the Yorkshire coast every day!
A Puffling with its parent
 Barn Owl with catch
 Barn Owl
Panting Shag & Herring Gulls
 Herring Gull

 Jackdaw dropping part of a chip
 Meadow Pipit
 African Savannah
 Puffin with sand-eels
 Yorkshire Belle
 Sunbathing Peregrine

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