Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Surrogate Swallows

The story behind these Swallows is rather strange. As I mentioned in the previous post the brood in early June was wiped out by Magpies, and the adults abandoned the nest. Then a fortnight ago a Swallow was arriving after dark and sitting near the old nest, pooping on my car, and leaving early in the morning. Then a few days ago the air was full of the twittering calls, as 4 young Swallows & their 2 parents arrived. I can only assume that our birds went elsewhere, built a new nest, raised a brood, but when the young were old enough to fly their parents brought them round to their old site. Meanwhile the Magpies had raised their young, and moved away. Presumably, the food supply is just that bit more reliable around the mature trees near us than whatever was to be found near the new nest!
When I entered the garage the Swallows flew off, so the only way to take photographs was to pull the car forward, wind the window down & then reverse back into the garage. The Swallows seemed oblivious to me, while I was sitting in the car,

Juvenile Swallows
I just like the ghostly impression caused by the flapping wing!
Immature Swallows
Young Swallows

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