Friday, 12 August 2011

Another New Venue Explored

There was a Yorkshire Wildlife Trust Butterfly & Dragonfly Open Day Event at a local nature reserve a few days ago. As this used to be my nephew's local nature reserve I took him along too. Unfortunately, there were drizzly showers forecast, so we were the only two to turn up. We therefore enjoyed a personal tour of the site. It is very well-wooded, and would be a great place for a Dawn Chorus. The location had also been the site of an orchard, so there were many plums, and other fruit trees in various states of ripeness! Although the afternoon was overcast, and it did drizzle from time to time we did see one large Dragonfly - possibly a Brown Hawker, and several species of butterfly - Red Admiral, Peacock, Small White, Green Veined White & a solitary Gatekeeper. There were Bullfinches in the thick tree cover, and the calls of juvenile Willow Warblers, and on the return journey some scolding Wrens. The birds of the day was a Sparrowhawk which was hunting along a hedgerow as we set out, and just sitting in a dead elm tree on the way back.
The most interesting incident of the afternoon occurred when we were watching a Great Spotted Woodpecker surrounded by Greenfinches and a Goldfinch. A police patrol car pulled up & they strode towards us, as we waited in trepidation. They were on the look out for a youth in a grey top wielding an air rifle, so we were put on our guard. We didn't spot him on our travels, which was a relief to all concerned. Apart from that it seemed a very promising site for future classes in April or May!

Red Admiral
Speckled Wood

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