Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Newest Island in the UK

Went out fairly early this morning to see what damage the weekend high tides had done at Spurn. I arrived an hour after high tide, and although the wind had dropped, it was clear that the water had breached the road yet again! Between posts 20 & 28 the road is either completely covered by sand or has been entirely ripped out! The tides have actually been higher since Sunday when the original damage was done, but luckily the winds have dropped, so the damage hasn't been made much worse. There are some more high tides this week, so it just depends how strong the winds are, and whether they are from the East, as to how much more damage is done! From Sunday the tides are predicted to be a little lower, so repairs to the road will probably be postponed until then. The tip of the peninsula can still be reached on foot after a 3-mile walk, but bikes can be wheeled across the bad section & then utilised for the rest of the journey! Not sure how the Spurn kids will get to school next week! If it isn't repaired by Tuesday, then I suppose the local news stations will get hold of the story! Spurn isn't really an island in the accepted sense of the term, although it will become one briefly a few minutes either side of high tide for the next couple of days!

The road has become part of the beach here
The old road is now on the beach
Not much sign of the road at this point
This part of the road is still flooded & now has a covering of sand
Some things haven't changed, but are now out of reach
More dramatic pictures of the same scene can be seen here:

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Blackbird said...

Wow! Impressive photos. We were there last week but didn't get that far...