Monday, 22 August 2011

Not too Late to Book

The classes resume in a couple of weeks, and the wonderful spectacle of Autumn migration should be one of the highlights of the forthcoming term.
Some of the best days of the course have taken place at Spurn just after a so-called 'fall' of migrants. On one particular day we only had to walk a few yards because we saw Great Grey Shrike, Red-Backed Shrikes, and the more common migrants of virtually every member of the Flycatcher family, and most members of the Chat tribe. There is also always the chance of something special like a Short-eared Owl coming in off the sea, plus we can also have a look at some of the waders such as Whimbrel & Turnstones.
If you are interested in wildlife, and wish to learn more then there are still a few vacancies on the Friday afternoon session and one or two on some of the others, so please enquire for more details. Please note the Wednesday morning session is already over-subscribed.
Below are some of the bird species we have seen at Spurn in previous September visits.

Great Grey Shrike - in the hand
Bird on a Wire
Red-Backed Shrike
Woodchat Shrike - probably rather a long shot for this September!
Short-eared Owl - in off the Sea
Redstart - moulting male on migration
Whinchat on migration
'Spotted' Flycatcher
'Pied' Flycatcher
Red-breasted Flycatcher (c) 2008 Tony Robinson

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