Thursday, 13 May 2010

Third Time Lucky

Most of the above pics (c) 2010 Vince Cowell
Pics above, are from the top: Willow Warbler, Heron, Yellow Wagtail, Lesser Whitethroat x2
Whitethroat, Willow Warbler, Yellowhammer, Blackcap & Wren
Below: Wren

Apple Blossom Local View Mallard nest with eggs

Well, I suppose it had to happen, we didn’t see or even hear a Cuckoo today! Every successive visit to the organic farm sees the spring taking a stronger hold, and this was our 3rd tour. It was even warm at times today, although the day ended with a strengthening and still chilly South-westerly wind. Many of the young Herons seem to have fledged, and we found a Mallard nest containing 8 eggs. New birds included: our first Lesser Whitethroat at this site, and at least 2 Yellow Wagtails were confirmed in the afternoon, after their presence was suspected in the morning. The normally shy and skulking Lesser Whitethroat gave good, if extremely brief views near the top of a hedge; whilst the Yellow Wagtail began to walk towards us on the path we were travelling. A cream crown Marsh Harrier was seen heading north up the stream, we discovered the remains of a Pheasant probably snaffled by a Fox on the edge of the woodland; whilst among the trees we found a Sparrowhawk’s plucking post. A Kestrel was heard calling, possibly near a nest site & a Barn Owl was glimpsed before disappearing near a derelict garden shed. The Sedge Warbler showed well in the morning, but was harder to locate after the very satisfying organic lunch. Reed Buntings showed well for both sessions, but its cousin, the Yellowhammer, was only seen in the morning. Linnets flirted round us on the edge of our vision, if not exactly coming into proper focus. The Hares were not as noticeable this time, and we failed to see any Roe Deer. Again, this site proved hugely popular, but I’m still not sure if it’s really the organic produce which ticks all the boxes!

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