Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Heron's Above

Fox (c) 2010 Maurice Gordon
Roe Deer [Buck]
Swallow (female)
Swallow (male) [cf. tail streamers with above]
Sedge Warbler (c) 2010 Maurice Gordon
Buzzard being mobbed by Rooks (c) 2010 Maurice Gordon
Record shot of Whitethroat
Record shot of Stock Dove
Heron Being Mobbed by Rook (c) 2010 Aileen Urquhart
Today was our 2nd visit to the Organic farm. Again, early morning visitors were greeted by Stock Doves on the approach road. More warblers had flooded in since last week, with at least 4 singing male Whitethroats, 2 Sedge Warblers, and more Swallows were in evidence around the farm buildings. Birds we didn’t encounter last week, but which were there today included: 2 Grey Partridges and a Treecreeper; but the 120 Linnet flock had fragmented or moved elsewhere. There were at least 3 Brown Trout in the chalk stream, and some animal excreta, which after examination Maureen thought belonged to a fox! Some of the young Herons were now able to fly, but remained around the nests. A Buzzard was mobbed by a Rook and a Heron in the morning, whilst in the afternoon several Rooks mobbed 2 Buzzards. The midday meal again proved highly popular, and some remained behind after the end of the afternoon session for a cup of tea. This new site is proving to be a highly popular venue. (The Fox was in Maurice’s garden!)

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