Saturday, 1 May 2010

Eastrington Ponds

All pics (c) 2010 Vince Cowell unless stated otherwise
Great Crested Grebe
Changeover - revealing at least 2 eggs
Settling down
One for the Absentee - (c) 2010 M Flowers
Morel - (c) 2010 M Flowers
Holly Blue
Another Sop to the Sentimentalists - (c) 2010 M Flowers
And Yet Another - M Flowers
Yesterday saw our only visit to Eastrington Ponds this year. The birds of the morning were a pair of Green Woodpecker, especially for Mike who hadn't really had good views before. A Reed Warbler also showed well, though distantly. The day became more overcast as it wore on, but the threatened showers didn't materialise. Other birds seen included: Treecreeper, Whitethroat, Willow Warbler, Chiffchaff, and plenty of Bullfinches. A pair of Great Crested Grebes revealed that they had at least 2 eggs, but there was no sign of the Common Terns this year. There were many Speckled Wood butterflies, and a couple of Orange-Tips, plus Small Tortoiseshells, Peacocks and some Green-Veined Whites. Mike almost stumbled on a sole specimen of an unusual fungi - a species of Morel - Morchella semilibera. More examples of this toadstool may appear in the next few weeks. Despite a very wet night there was no sign of the Barn Owl, which used to frequent this site.

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