Saturday, 15 May 2010

One out of 3 Ain't Bad...

2 old pictures out of the archive.

Yesterday, we popped to a venue which should have had guaranteed Little Owl, Peregrines & Redstart. In the morning only the Peregrines obliged as one was observed flying round a quarry, and the other was seen feeding one of its 3 chicks. We were unable to find the Redstart, but as we were climbing a steep hill after giving up, its song rang out behind us - too late! However, we did see Willow Warblers, Yellowhammers and Linnets, and heard a Garden Warbler in atypical habitat. The Little Owl let us down on the way back to the car park. The afternoon started similarly with Betty being the first to spot a flying Peregrine - she went on to say she thought the site was better for watching Peregrines than the much more famous Malham Cove. Through the telescope we could see one was with the chicks and another perched on the cliff edge nearby. We tried for the Redstart again near last year's nest-site without luck, and then walked along a level track. At the furthest extent of the walk we heard a Redstart and caught fleeting glimpses, but he was nervous of the crowd of 12 & refused to pose in the open. However, in the same location a Goldcrest with its beak full of food for its youngsters posed well before disappearing into some ivy. On walking back another Redstart was singing in a very prominent, if fairly distant place, and even those least proficient with binoculars managed to get a decent view. The Little Owl lived up to its truculent reputation, and refused to appear at all. The Peregrines really made the day for everyone.

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