Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year!

Woodcock - arty shot - actually, shutter speed too slow!
Woodcock -full manual control!
Great start to the year! Took my nephew to Potteric Carr today, and had good views of Water Rail, Willow Tit, Pintail etc, but the best photo opportunity was waiting for us on our return home. Saw something drop down ahead & slowed right down & there it was! Had to reverse a few yards, take the camera out the boot & tried approaching again. Luckily, it stayed put - the light was terrible, so feel quite pleased with the result. Tried it on automatic first, but the shutter speed was too slow (hence the arty 1st pic!), so switched to manual. I wonder when I'll ever have such a good view of this species again? It was only the dull weather, which spoiled things a little!


Aileen said...

Hey, you want arty shots I have a million!

Marcus Conway said...

Love this woodcock shot Michael.

Michael Flowers said...

Cheers Marcus. It was a bit of a fluke. May have to leave the cemetery paths & drive on the grass near all the piles of leaves to see if I can better it! Wish it had been a brighter day!

Jan S said...

Superbly atmospheric photo Michael.