Thursday, 18 December 2008

January Term - Booking Now!

Kingfisher - one of the birds we should see next term!
(c) 2008 Michael Flowers

I have started to take bookings for the New Year course starting week commencing 12th January 2009. We visit a different East Yorkshire hotspot each week and identify all the birds and as much other wildlife as we can. Each session lasts at least 2 hours. During the early weeks we will mainly visit wetland habitats near Beverley & Hull, but nearer spring we also travel to areas of woodland, especially as birdsong becomes more noticeable. If the weather is kind to us we will explore the extensive floodlands of the Lower Derwent Valley, and another trip is timed to coincide with the likelihood of observing the stunning Smew. We should also be able to observe several species of raptor towards the end of the course. The sessions are designed to suit a range of abilities, with beginners being especially welcome. The venues are carefully planned several months in advance, but if a golden opportunity to observe an iconic species occurs, then last-minute changes may be made to the itinerary. For instance, recently one week was cleared so everyone had the opportunity to watch Waxwings at close quarters - this was a new species for more than 80 course members! For those interested in taking up wildlife photography, you will be shown some of the best local sites to capture some special images of your favourite species.
The course runs twice daily Tuesday to Friday. At the moment only the Tues am & Weds am courses are full, but several others are almost at capacity. If you are interested in more details of the course, please leave a comment next to one of my posts or email me on

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