Thursday, 15 January 2009

Winter Term - Thursday 1 - East Park

Goosanders including snappy female (c) 2009 Michael Flowers
ditto is a theme developing? (c) 2009 Jackie Dawson
Pochard (female) (c) 2009 Jackie Dawson
Tufted Duck (drake) (c) 2009 Jackie Dawson
Common Gull (c) 2009 Jackie Dawson
A very dull day weather-wise at East Park with heavy drizzle at times this morning. The rain stopped this afternoon in contrast to the forecast, but it was more difficult finding the small passerines than Tuesday.


Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

That female Gooseander looks ferocious.
I am pleased to have put a link for your blog on my site.
My address is

Michael Flowers said...

Thanks Mike, took a few photographs & a remarkable number had a similar scene. However, I must admit the males were obviously becoming a bit of pest!
I've added a link to your excellent blog