Friday, 23 January 2009

Winter Term - Friday 2 - Millington Pastures

All record shots below today (c) 2009 Michael Flowers
I feel like Rolf Harris! "Can you see what it is yet?"
To see a really cracking photo of this species by highly talented Yorkshire wildlife photographer, Marcus Conway, please see & click on his blog or buy the Yorkshire Post of 24/1/09 - Country Section
Grey Wagtail
Marsh Tit
Ear Fungus

This morning was a washout, so we retreated to the old standby of North Cave Wetlands. The best birds were 2 Lesser Redpolls. The afternoon session was able to go ahead as planned to Millington Pastures. The best viewing was round the pool, where we saw a Kingfisher performing acrobatics, but we also had really good views of the Grey Wagtail, and heard a Water Rail. Bullfinches came down for a drink, but the best bird was on the way back to the car park. A Hawfinch landed at the top of the Hawthorn bush we were standing under. It didn't remain long, and not everyone manged to focus their bins before it flew off, but for those who did see it it was a "lifer."

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Hi Michael, got the pm on BF but as its now down i couldnt reply. Wasnt me who passed your details on - no idea who it would be. Hope your well