Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Vole on a Phone

On Wednesday we had our closest encounter with a female Kingfisher this year. Luckily, it posed for both sessions, allowing everyone really good views. The morning groups had good views of a Merlin through Eric & John's telescopes. There were plenty of Marsh Harriers, and after a sharp shower 11 were seen in the sky at the same time. In the morning we had a Ruff and a Dunlin at Ousefleet, but in the afternoon we just had Gadwall, Shoveler, & Teal. Both groups had a few Snipe at Marshland and wisps flying around at various other Viewpoints. 2 Herons had an argument at Townend, and we had brief views of a male Stonechat and a few Reed Buntings. 
Female Kingfisher - note lipstick on lower mandible
Among the reeds
Tail fanned - after a poop
All remaining Kingfisher pics (c) 2015 Aileen Urquhart
In flight
Heading away

However, probably the most surprising sighting was a very confiding vole, which ate some grass right next to the path between Townend and Singleton. Its eyes were very hard to see, and I was able to approach it very closely with my mobile phone to take photographs. It didn't react to noise, or our scent, and we wondered if it had all its faculties intact! Eventually, it did skitter along the path for a short distance towards Townend, before diving into a little ditch, and disappearing from sight.
Vole hidden in the grass - taken on a mobile
It did have eyes after all
Vole - in the grass
Heron (c) 2015 Aileen Urquhart
Heron - different camera
Pink-footed Geese
Kestrel (c) 2015 Aileen Urquhart
Kestrel - different camera
Mute Swans (c) 2015 Aileen Urquhart
Taken at the same moment on a different camera
Mute Swan (c) 2015 Aileen Urquhart
Yesterday we ventured on to the Brambling-free wolds. We did see Red Kites, a Green and a Great Spotted Woodpecker, plus Redwing, Fieldfare, a Meadow Pipit, and a Buzzard.
Yawning Red Kite (c) Maggie Bruce
 Song Thrush - in very bad light! (c) 2015 Maggie Bruce

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