Thursday, 26 November 2015

Swallowing a Harvestman

On Wednesday and Thursday we made a trip into the north wolds to the same place as Saturday's location. There were several kites in the air when we arrived, despite the slightly calm conditions. We went down the hill into the village, were we saw a Marsh Tit, a Treecreeper, and a Great Spotted Woodpecker, and a large unusual, exciting bird on a garden fence, which turned out to be a peacock!

All Red Kite photos (c) 2015 Tony Robinson
We went down a short village street, and along the way we saw House Sparrows, a Fieldfare, a Great Spotted Woodpecker, and at the termination a Grey Wagtail and a Nuthatch with a Marsh Tit there on Thursday afternoon. Meanwhile the walk down the hill resulted in a Marsh Tit on the way down, and on the way up a Willow Tit. That puts to bed the urban myth that you never find these 2 birds in the same location. 
Grey Wagtail Harvesting a Harvestman
 Legs around the bill
 Having trouble?
 Mission Accomplished
 Gordon's Bird
 Marsh Tit - Library Picture
 Willow Tit - Library picture

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