Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Bird of Paradise

On Saturday a Red Kite roost watch took place under the auspices of the Robert Fuller gallery. The journey over the wolds was pretty hazardous as we encountered a severe blizzard, and the snow began to settle on the road surface. However, we safely reached the meeting place in plenty of time, and waited for all the other participants to arrive. Shortly after 1pm the person living closest arrived, and we shared cars a short distance to our ultimate destination.  

All Saturday photos (c) 2015 Ben Coneyworth
Red Kite
 3 Red Kites in a tree
It was very cold in a strong northerly wind on the exposed high ground, and after a quick look round we walked down the hill towards a village hidden in the valley. This was perfect, as the wind was cut off, and it was quite sheltered in the wintry sunshine. Five Red Kites were perched in one tree, with another 4 close by. There were also several in the sky at various periods.  
Red Kites
Also present were a smaller amount of Buzzards, and a few Fieldfare. However, the highlight for at least one participant was his first ever woodpecker - a Great Spotted.  
Female Great Spotted Woodpecker
 Record shot of a Fieldfare
Thursday's melanistic female Pheasant
 View on Thursday at Piper Marsh
 Unusual Fungi
Great Tit Striking Attitudes
 Reedbed at Main Lake

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