Thursday, 18 June 2015

Kilnsea Wetlands in June

Yesterday we enjoyed slightly better weather than last week's visit to Kilnsea.  The Avocet chicks were popular as were the tatty Buzzard and Red Kite.  In the afternoon in the warm strong westerley wind a few butterflies emerged and tried to warm themselves out of the major gusts.  This is predicted to be a bumper year for Painted Ladies, so it was gratifying to find our first for Wednesday afternoons
Immature Avocet
 Little Tern
 Little Tern
 Sandwich Tern
 Skylark (c) 2015 Tony Robinson
 Skylark (c) 2015 Aileen Urquhart
 Buzzard mobbed by Avocets (c) 2015 Tony Robinson
 Tatty Buzzard mobbed by Crow
 Buzzard & Crows
 Buzzard & Black-headed Gulls

 Avocet (c) 2015 Tony Robinson
 Red Kite (c) 2015 Tony Robinson
 Cormorant - the leading one seemed unable to close its bill!
 Painted Lady underside
 Painted Lady
 Silver-Y Moth
 Wall [Brown]
 Wall [Brown] - male
 Spat between Avocet and Little Egret (c) 2015 Aileen Urquhart
 Overexposed Common Lizards

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