Thursday, 26 February 2015

Little Bird Lost

on Wednesday we travelled to the Vale of York.  Even though it was a beautiful day, winter was still firmly in control.  There was very little improvement since over a fortnight ago.  There were lots of Fieldfare in the field near the car park at the beginning of the morning session.  Yellowhammers had returned to their summer territories, but they had abandoned them by the afternoon.  Marsh Tits were around, but they were not as easy to see as they had been 2 weeks ago.     
Lesser Redpoll
The Green Woodpeckers were harder to locate with only a distant laughing heard during the morning, but nothing after lunch.  Before the second session the car park was alive with Great Spotted Woodpeckers chasing each other.  
Reed Bunting
However, the bird of both the morning and afternoon was a solitary Lesser Redpoll plaintively looking for companionship.  In the morning it was in one of the Dog Mess Central areas, in the afternoon it came to see us near the pond.  Three Jays were present in the latter area after lunch, but we didn't get very close views. 
On Tuesday we had to contend with strong winds in the South Cave area, so these photos by Maggie seem almost miraculous in the circumstances!
Goldcrest (c) 2015 Maggie Bruce
 Buzzard (c) 2015 Maggie Bruce
 Fungi (c) 2015 Maggie Bruce

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