Sunday, 1 February 2015

Eyes of a Sunbathing Killer

On Friday we made our final 2015 trip to our urban park.  The light was beautiful, but it was the coolest visit so far.  Unfortunately, there was some ice, and before we arrived all but an immature Goosander had been frightened away from the location by rowdy dogs.  Both groups saw a sunbathing male Sparrowhawk, with a hunting female being sighted in a different area of the park by the morning session.  2 Pink-footed Geese were hidden almost unobtrusively in the large Greylag flock.  One of the finds of the day was pointed out by the longest-attending afternoon male participant - a Grey Wagtail - around the toy boat lake.  The final bird seen in the afternoon near the main entrance was the elusive Jay - with 2 Magpies.

As always new members were pleasantly impressed by a venue they hadn't expected to enjoy!
male Sparrowhawk (c) 2015 Mike Woods
 Record shot of Sparrowhawk (c) 2015 Mike Woods
 Male Sparrowhawk (c) 2015 MJF
 Pink-footed Goose (right) with Greylags
 Pink-footed Geese
Close-up of Pink-footed Goose (c) 2015 Mike Woods
 Immature Goosander
 Grey Wagtail
 Grey Wagtail
 Pochard (c) 2015 Mike Woods
 Female Gadwall
 Black-headed Gull (left) & Herring Gull
 Immature Herring Gull
 Long-tailed Tit
 Mistle Thrush
 Male Great Spotted Woodpecker (c) 2015 Mike Woods
 Unspeakables doing Unspeakable Things (c) 2015 Mike Woods


John Nicholson said...

Two years running this has been a top venue. John N

Michael Flowers said...

Actually John, it's been a top winter venue for at least a decade!! ;-)