Sunday, 4 May 2014

A Week in Pictures

Last week was the first week of the new spring term, unfortunately for the most part it was pretty overcast. This was accompanied by cold and strong winds on Thursday and Friday, so it meant that many song birds remained hidden in their bushes, rather than singing at the top, as is usually their wont at this time of year.
Marsh Harrier
On Tuesday we revisited last spring's most popular location. Here, there was a plethora of Garden Warblers, with a few Blackcaps, a Willow Warblers, Chiffchaffs, and Marsh Harriers. 
Unseasonal Mistletoe
On Wednesday we visited a wildlife-friendly farm near York. The highlights were: Corn Bunting, Yellow Wagtail, Grey Partridge, Yellowhammer, Linnet, Sedge Warbler, Whitethroat and nesting Skylarks and Lapwings. 
Sedge Warbler (c) 2014 Tony Robinson
 Yellow Wagtail (c) 2014 Tony Robinson
 Record Shot of Skylarks (c) 2014 Tony Robinson
 Record Shot of Corn Bunting (c) 2014 Tony Robinson
 Yellowhammer (c) 2014 Aileen Urquhart
 On Thursday we shared cars from Tophill Low to a very cold and damp Hempholme Meadows. The highlights were: Whitethroats, Sedge Warbler, Cuckoo, Yellow Wagtails, Kingfisher, Reed Bunting, Whitethroats, and a vocal, but invisible Garden Warbler.
 Yellow Wagtail (c) 2014 Margaret Richardson
 On Friday we went to an urban nature reserve where it felt like winter in the morning, but much more cheerful in the afternoon. The highlights here were: Lesser Whitethroat, Common Whitethroat, Sedge Warbler, Meadow Pipit, Skylark, Linnets, and an invisible Reed Warbler. 
For Absent Friends
Lesser Whitethroat
LinnetLinnetReed BuntingDittoWillow WarblerDittoPeacockSmall TortoiseshellOrange-TipDittoSpeckled Wood 

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