Thursday, 15 May 2014

Massive, Noisy Birds

On Wednesday we visited a trusty old location with disappointing results.  Numbers of Sedge Warblers were holding up, but there were fewer Reed warblers.  The Cuckoo was also more elusive than during years of yore.  It was heard very faintly in the afternoon, and more clearly in the afternoon when it was glimpsed with the incongruous background of a new wind turbine installation.  Despite the apparent paucity of birds heard or seen, we did record 39 species before lunch.
Juvenile Blackbird
 Juvenile Blackbird & its Father
 Song Thrush (foreground) and Mistle Thrush
 Sedge Warbler
 Sedge Warbler
 Sedge Warbler
 Reed Warbler (c) 2014 Tony Robinson
 Reed Bunting
 Heavily Pregnant? Female Roe Deer
 Willow Warbler
 4-Spotted Chaser
 Worn Small Tortoiseshell
Noisy Big Bird
 Noisy Big Bird
 Noisy Big Bird

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