Monday, 28 April 2014

A Flash of Amber

On Friday we had a one off special looking for the non-existent East Yorkshire population of Redstarts, and any other birds we could find.  Unfortunately, it was a very overcast and relatively very cool day.  In the car park we had a pair of Marsh Tits and a Goldcrest, plus singing Blackcap, Goldfinches and calling Bullfinches.    
 Marsh Tit
We walked on the road at first, as we headed towards the pool.  On the way we heard Willow Warblers, Blackcaps, a single Whitethroat, and heard Bullfinches.  The pool was quieter than usual, but a Little Grebe swam into cover, as soon as it saw us coming.  We walked up the valley, and heard and saw Red-legged Partridge, and then some Meadow Pipits.  Linnets were also present, with several pairs flying around the area.
Meadow Pipit
 Red-legged Partridge
Returning to the pond I thought I could hear a distant singing Redstart, so we went searching for it.  Eventually, we managed to see it, but it was quite elusive, however everyone managed to glimpse it in the end.  We returned to the car park and walked a short way into the wood, hoping to see some Blackcaps.  However, I thought I could hear another Redstart and sure enough we managed to see one, and this one was closer & was seen in better light, and everyone marvelled at its beautiful plumage.  It is good to know they are still hanging on in a part of Yorkshire the books say they aren't to be found!

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