Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Wryneck Bonanza

27 Wrynecks were reported from Spurn on Sunday, as long with a few other goodies.  Yesterday I took my nephew to see if we could see them.  As 3 Wrynecks were reported between posts 55 & 58 we thought this was the best place to start.  The first bird Ben spotted was a Whinchat, and then he saw an odd-looking bird on a post - sure enough it was a Wryneck.  It posed quite well, but the light was awkward for us.  We decided to connect with the high tide waders at Chalk Bank, and on the way we discovered another Wryneck in some bare dead tree stumps.  This one performed even better.  They are remarkably strange-looking birds, but it was great to capture all the amazing details of its plumage as it flew from one tree to another.
Wryneck - in repose
 Wryneck - nearly escaping from shot
 Wryneck - in torpedo mode!

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