Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Once in a Generation

In the summer, at about the turn of the new millennium I heard of a report of 500 Clouded Yellows at Brough Haven - a butterfly I'd never seen before.  Sure enough an hour or 2 later there were still a couple of hundred there nectaring on thistle plants.  There were several more sightings that summer and well into october, but I've only seen occasional single specimens since.    

Last week Maurice Gordon had a single pristine example at North Cave Wetlands.  However, yesterday morning I received a text reporting 42 on some waste land in Hull.  Unfortunately, I was at Fountains Abbey at the time.  I arrived at the Hull site at 4pm, but by then the sun had gone in, and my nephew and I failed to find a single specimen.

Here's hoping that this is the start of a special summer with plenty of sightings of this striking butterfly...

Clouded Yellow in the year 2000

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