Monday, 19 August 2013

The High Cost of Petrel

Last weekend a Wednesday morning stalwart took part in a vigil for Storm Petrels at Flambough Head.  Here's his version of events in his own words (almost):  
I went to Flamborough to the YWT new centre at South Landing where there was a joint YWT and RSPB event of which the hope of seeing a mist netted petrel was one of a number of events including a bat and night creature walk and a moth trap.
I was surprised that there were about 40 people including children.
A Barn Owl quartering the adjacent field was a good start and the walk was OK, but no bats on the one I did but later there were a few around. The moth attraction was good with a lot of different types although no hawk moths, but one was on display in a unit which had been brought in.
The Petrel netting was the final item which was down on the foreshore.  We were warned it may be unsuccessful and this looked to be the case.  The main ringer said he was disappointed as there were no birds at all around. I decided to hang on whilst he went for another check and fortunately at 5 past midnight he returned with a single storm petrel which the last 10 of us visitors had a good look at.  He believed it was an immature female which already had been ringed.

Then came the long drive home in the dark to Cottingham
I arrived home at 1.50!!

All record shots of Storm Petrels (c) 2013 Anthony Barron

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