Thursday, 17 January 2013

Thursday Rerun of Tuesday

Thursday was a rerun of Tuesday with no extra snow, but several more degrees of frost. In fact every piece of vegetation had a picturesque covering of hoar frost. This wasn't particularly conducive to the birds you expect to see. On Tuesday almost all watering holes were completely clear of frost, whilst today the areas free from ice were few and far between.

 Wigeon [right & 2nd left] (c) 2012 Richard Whateley
4 Redpolls flew east towards the cafe, but there were no Red-legged Partridges or Green Woodpeckers along the lane. However, we did eventually locate the latter probing near some fresh mole hills. The Buzzard was again standing guard over the Rabbit warren, and yet again we failed to see it catch a meal. Another Buzzard flew south towards the Humber, and there were at least 2 male Kestrels present. 2 Goldcrests were probing for food among the hoar frost, and we could only hope that they were able to find enough food to survive the Siberian conditions.
 Chaffinch (c) 2012 Richard Whateley
The maize field came up trumps with Yellowhammer, Reed Bunting, Greenfinch, Bullfinch and several Fieldfare in the general area. 2 Snipe were probing in Black Dyke as their normal feeding areas were totally frozen up. Charms of Goldfinches were on the teazles, but we couldn't see any Linnets or last year's interesting species: Twite.
 Goldfinch (c) 2012 Richard Whateley
 Yellowhammer (c) 2012 Richard Whateley
 Reed Bunting (c) 2012 Richard Whateley
The best bird in the afternoon was a Peregrine, which crossed the maize field steaming in a south-westerly direction.

Record shot of Buzzard (c) 2012 Richard Whateley
 Record Shot of Green Woodpecker

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