Sunday, 27 January 2013

Final Park Visit

Thursday was the only day last week when the planned venue was able to go ahead at the original venue selected 6 months ago.  Every other day a last minute change had to be substituted because of the prevailing weather conditions.  This was our final visit to the park.  4 Shoveler were still present, but didn't come close enough in the poor light, for decent photos to be taken.  
All pics (c) 2013 Richard Whateley
Goosander [drake]
 Goosanders [female right]
 Goosander [female]
 Goosanders [female right]
 Drake Goosander
 Tufted Ducks [drake right]
 Carrion Crow
 Black-headed Gulls [first-winter left, adult right]
 Feral Pigeon ['Chequered' type]

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It seems very interesting & adventurous visit