Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Friday Rerun of Wednesday

Friday was a rerun of Wednesday. The morning group were shown how to increase the chances of spotting Sparrowhawks by listening out for the strange growls of Carrion Crows. Last week there were 30+ Goosanders, on Wednesday we could only locate 12, but today there were only 4 in the morning & only one of each gender in the afternoon. 
All pics (c) 2013 Andy Leonard
Female Goosander
The first surprise in the morning ocurred while we were watching a distant flock of Goldfinches. A fast moving bird was seen flying east along James Reckitt Avenue - it was a Woodcock. The second surprise was that there were 5 Shovelers in the am (3 drakes), but only a pair left in the afternoon. This is a species that isn't seen that often at this urban location.

Female Goosander
Goosander Pair [drake behind]

The afternoon group had to hurry around the site to try & beat the forecast snow showers, which we managed in plenty of time. However, during the latter section we were regaled with the wails of sirens - little did we know that these were the sounds caused by the emergency services responding to a bus ending up in someone's front garden!  

I hope the snow doesn't last much longer, as I'm starting to run out of safe places to take my groups in icy conditions.

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